May 19, 2015

Official Biography (Pt.2) by J. Thomas Omeara

Since the release of Mess of it ALL's debut album, stages and cycles, Graham Sedam has released four albums. These albums have been collaborative efforts being released under different names. As a part of the group Diads, Graham and co-creator Tim Kress have released two full length albums, Make You Dirty and Early Mourning, a soundtrack to the novel with the same name. As you might guess, their second release is in fact a soundtrack to a novel Tim has written. The other two releases Graham has been a part of is with co-creator Matt VanOpdorp under the name Colour the Moon. The first release, Transitions, is an EP consisting of seven songs with the follow up, Reflections, being an instrumental full length album. More about these can be found at their websites.

It has always been Graham's intention to continue writing and releasing Mess of it ALL music. Even though there have been no releases since the debut, he has accumulated a depth of material at different degrees of completeness. Graham's focus has always been on the "long game," and one could posit that this is his life's modus operandi. Having started his musical pursuits around the age of fifteen, he has been a part of bands writing and performing for over half of his lifetime. Every year, every band, he saw as a stepping stone to perfecting his craft and finding his creative voice. His formal education in recording engineering ten years later, which started out as a desire to learn how to record and mix his own music, has turned into a passion all its own and has helped him to continue to explore the outer edges of music and himself.

A new Mess of it ALL release will be out in early 2016.