February 8, 2016

Mess of it ALL Time Line 2002-Present

2nd Mess of it ALL album, The Depth of Layers, was released.

Graham releases 4 albums for other projects he's in.
Make You Dirty and Early Mourning, a soundtrack to the novel by the same name with Tim Kress as Diads, and Transitions and Reflections with Matt VanOpdorp as Colour the Moon. 

The video for the song Reply was made available for viewing online.

Debut album stages and cycles was released.

In August, Graham graduated with an Associates of Applied Science in Recording Technology with an emphasis in Recording Engineering.

Having a desire to expand his knowledge of recording and mixing his music, Graham started attending MusicTech College in May. (Now McNally Smith College of Music)

The solo music project Graham started in the summer of this year would be named Mess of it ALL by year's end.

February 7, 2016

Credits: The Depth of Layers

Music and lyrics written and performed by Graham Sedam
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Graham Sedam

Pierce Szulczewski - cat toy on "Tears for the Dead"
Art concept and sketches by Graham Sedam
Photography by Elisha Johnson Photography
Graphic Design by Christine Sedam
Copyright 2016 Mess of it ALL


To Be Determined

February 5, 2016

The Seer

track 1 from the album The Depth of Layers

Throw your old life to the side. In the desert you'll be purified.
Are you sure you can live up to the hype?
If you want to see close your eyes. If you want success then sacrifice.
The answers all live inside your mind.

Your presence seems to inspire a call to set the universe on fire.
To what end do you aspire?
Close your eyes to fall within. Foresee the paths of possible events.
Don't be quick to criticize. You're so quick to criticize the prescience in your mind.

Do you feel as though a bomb's ticking away inside your head?
Your adaptation to the elements is your greatest defense.
If you want to find a way out of this mess, consult with consciousness.
Flee to your mind and whisper the memories of generations past.

February 4, 2016

Wronged and Hunted

track 2 from the album The Depth of Layers

The natives say to take shelter in the day's heat, and survival says it would be wrong to disagree.
It's better to travel by night in the depths of this desert. It's best to comply by the looks of this weather.

We live here in the middle of these forces pulling us. A time will come when there's satisfaction of justice.
Running and hiding to no end won't save our skin. Endless tomorrows will come, and we'll be on the run again.

We've been wronged, and we've been hunted, and now they've left us for dead.
I wish our situation could be better, but a time for wishing will come to an end.

Can the waters of your world quench my thirst?
Can the taste of your heart end my quest for domination?
Have you ever thought your own cunning would be your end?
Feel the edge of my blade threaten your future, threaten your place.

February 3, 2016

This Place

track 3 from the album The Depth of Layers

We came to this planet for a better life, for increased opportunity.
It couldn't be any more different than from where we've come.
My home was a place so plentiful, and now I stare out at a space so empty.
This environment is desolate and holds nothing but harshness in its heart.
Sometimes I feel as though this place, this horrible place, lacks any sincerity.
Friends turned to enemies and those I had never even met became close friends.

February 2, 2016


track 4 from the album The Depth of Layers

Beliefs built one by one upon a society's preservation,
Their preferences in step and aligned to the state of the population.
Each generation evolves new values destroying the old,
These virtuous youth warriors with a sword of their own.
Placing value in collective concepts they defend, despite the consequence,
The threads that bind perceived significance.

They define a vocabulary and aspire to demonstrate their ambitions.
They examine the bounds of long held temptations.
They overcome what is thought to be the difficult phase and
Then grow their roots deep and firmly into place.
Conquerors of confidence, they build an empire out of hollow stones.
Under the smallest of weights, it will crumble alone.

Do you love your virtues with their norms and all of their restrictions?
Do you own your virtues and obey the laws of these convictions?
Would they be easy for you to forget or do they guide you from the onset?
Will they lift you up and shatter gravity or knock at your eyes and steal your dreams? 

February 1, 2016

The Depth of Layers

track 6 from the album The Depth of Layers

Stop everything. We don't know how deep we will get. The rush is on and we will be there yet.
Leave everything we once knew because we know it has to change. We can't keep on living this way.
Running when we should walk, we fall.

Tempt the fate. Are we prisoners of the heaven we throw away, a hell we seem bent on to make?
Sew ideals. We make ourselves pregnant with the stones that weigh us down with each passing hope.
The thirst was too much. We drank until the end.
We wander aimlessly as though we were smoke floating away.

Our bones will tire when the sleeping wakes. Emerging from the edges, they've come to make us pay.

A blank canvas for a new creation, the universe only knows the laws of balance.
It will connect sooner than later to a cyclical method.
Reacting to the ebb and flow of our interaction, parts to the ensemble, we are testing the depths.

Lift those who lift you up through the depth of layers.