February 8, 2016

Mess of it ALL Time Line 2002-Present

2nd Mess of it ALL album, The Depth of Layers, was released.

Graham releases 4 albums for other projects he's in.
Make You Dirty and Early Mourning, a soundtrack to the novel by the same name with Tim Kress as Diads, and Transitions and Reflections with Matt VanOpdorp as Colour the Moon. 

The video for the song Reply was made available for viewing online.

Debut album stages and cycles was released.

In August, Graham graduated with an Associates of Applied Science in Recording Technology with an emphasis in Recording Engineering.

Having a desire to expand his knowledge of recording and mixing his music, Graham started attending MusicTech College in May. (Now McNally Smith College of Music)

The solo music project Graham started in the summer of this year would be named Mess of it ALL by year's end.