February 2, 2016


track 4 from the album The Depth of Layers

Beliefs built one by one upon a society's preservation,
Their preferences in step and aligned to the state of the population.
Each generation evolves new values destroying the old,
These virtuous youth warriors with a sword of their own.
Placing value in collective concepts they defend, despite the consequence,
The threads that bind perceived significance.

They define a vocabulary and aspire to demonstrate their ambitions.
They examine the bounds of long held temptations.
They overcome what is thought to be the difficult phase and
Then grow their roots deep and firmly into place.
Conquerors of confidence, they build an empire out of hollow stones.
Under the smallest of weights, it will crumble alone.

Do you love your virtues with their norms and all of their restrictions?
Do you own your virtues and obey the laws of these convictions?
Would they be easy for you to forget or do they guide you from the onset?
Will they lift you up and shatter gravity or knock at your eyes and steal your dreams?