February 4, 2016

Wronged and Hunted

track 2 from the album The Depth of Layers

The natives say to take shelter in the day's heat, and survival says it would be wrong to disagree.
It's better to travel by night in the depths of this desert. It's best to comply by the looks of this weather.

We live here in the middle of these forces pulling us. A time will come when there's satisfaction of justice.
Running and hiding to no end won't save our skin. Endless tomorrows will come, and we'll be on the run again.

We've been wronged, and we've been hunted, and now they've left us for dead.
I wish our situation could be better, but a time for wishing will come to an end.

Can the waters of your world quench my thirst?
Can the taste of your heart end my quest for domination?
Have you ever thought your own cunning would be your end?
Feel the edge of my blade threaten your future, threaten your place.