February 13, 2014

Official Biography (Pt.1) by J. Thomas Omeara

Mess of it ALL is the pet project of Graham Sedam. It's also his solo project. What this means- in this case- is that, to listen to his debut album, stages and cycles, is to be exposed to the essence of Graham. He writes about extremely personal, abstract ideas. The music on stages and cycles is a lush exploration of what a guy can do with enough determination (it took him 3 years to complete this project), a basement, a PC, and a synthesizer. Graham did have some help though, his long-time collaborator, Matt VanOpdorp, was a big help with laying down the guitar parts that Graham wrote. The ones that he didn't play himself.

The journey that Graham Sedam took to get to Mess of it ALL was long, but in hindsight, seems a straight one. Mess of it ALL is one result of Graham being in bands, and being frustrated by the lack of control a lead singer has over the music in a band. So Graham decided to go it alone. But he'd do it the right way: he went to McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, Minnesota for a degree in Associate of Applied Science in Recording Technology. The dude really doesn't do things half way, and you can tell that when you listen to his music.