February 10, 2014

Without a Trace

track 3 from the album stages and cycles

Without a trace led to chase dreams - Wish I knew what was thought when I think
Instead of being anything less - Individually something
Instead of being left in the dark to guess which way my mind will lead
Held up in captivity, feeling the weight of gravity
Combusting from the dense solid state I’m in

Without a trace led to follow dreams -Wish I thought the way I think when I think
Breaking down and giving in to this life giving addiction
Stuck on this vision, an open eyed gaze, waiting for the right time to be drained
Pouring out my sanity, reruns of history
Iridescent philosophies are born again

I can’t help the way I feel today. Couldn't it be a different day that I felt this way?

Is there ever going to be a day that this could actually change? I left without a trace.