February 5, 2014

In the Sun

track 10 from the album stages and cycles

Waiting for the sun to rise. If the sun will even rise.
Your footprints were scattered every which way.
One hell of a way to start the day, on the right note.
As the mind does float into the grey.

Waiting for the sun to retire. The simple glow of a fire.
Burning in my mind, filling my lungs
Exposing the essence that still remains, it feels like minutes but its been hours.
Never underestimate the power. It’s all part of the game.

Your footprints weary, I thought you left.

Running in circles, leading yourself around, unbeknownst of the haze
Your footprints weary, embracing the harshness known
Residue is falling on your flaking face - I thought you left