February 6, 2014

Gone Sour

track 8 from the album stages and cycles

Sitting back, watching the turnout of events, many moments of silence,
It’s all the same in the end, keeping the confusion in my head.

Sitting back watching confusion invade my life, senseless noise I can’t handle anymore.
Confessions overflow my mind as sure as the days go by.

Treating the sickness as if it were dead
Indulging in attachment knowing only to accept
Surrounding all perception is a pause
I can see sometimes the truth creeping I’m still alive
(Ridden of fulfillment, it’s all gone sour.)

Moving forwards, moving backwards, falling in line, falling astray,
Like all the times before, it will never change.

Sounds in the distance, sound all around, but
Every time I turn around no one’s there.
Thoughts in my brain, chemical impulses, but
Every time a thought transmits I become more aware.

An answer to a question, a stage within the cycle