February 7, 2014

Pallas Athena

track 7 from the album stages and cycles

Allowing who is you to live so blind, producing these lies consuming my life
Holding in the truth you won’t reveal, nursing these wounds that will never heal
It will never heal.

Hard to fit the pieces together, unsure of so much more than the trust
I’m having trouble dealing with this denial left, having trouble dealing with this sickness

For miles and miles I've been waiting for an explanation,
But still I can’t digest your reasoning.
I've trudged through the mud in the pouring rain
To hear you say the words, to hear you cry in vain.

My eyes are grey, she’s stung with the pain, pawning a rage so easy to follow
Allowing you to get to me, it is I, I have denied.

Who have I become laying prey? Allowing myself to become a part of you
Unable to see the unity of apathy you’re inviting
Unable to see the unity you’re inflicting
Driven with an avenging spirit, driven with your hate
Your ways imprisoning eager deity
My eyes are grey; she’s stung with the pain